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Mogul Electric Co. LLC

Keeping Seattle's lights on since 1980

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A note from the owner, Steve Metzner

Thank you for taking the time to consider Mogul Electric for your home/business electrical needs.

We are keenly aware that the referral system is the lifeblood of our business and that the needs and satisfaction of our customers is priority #1.  We understand that your home is your castle and our skilled and personable electricians will be respectful of your property.  We subscribe to the "leave no trace" philosophy  and oh!  we won't let the dog or cat out.

Time is an issue for all of us. We know that your time is valuable to you, we will be judicious in how we utilize it.

My family lives in a nice home on the west side of Queen Anne and our house has undergone the remodel process.  I have been on both sides of the remodel fence so I am sympathetic to the classic conflict of design vs. budget.  Our 30 years of experience in creative problem solving can help you find the best value for your investment.

I am directly available to you if any issues arise while we are working for you that need immediate attention.


Paper Fish sculpture by Frank Gehry - Photo Chris Eden

Steve Metzner, the founder and owner of Mogul Electric is a Master Electrician and Washington State licensed General Electrical Administrator.

Mogul Electric Co. LLC has been serving the Seattle area since 1980.  We are located on the west side of Queen Anne hill.

Mogul Electric Co. LLC is bonded and insured as required by the State of Washington
License #MOGULEL961B2